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Im flying the 172 Skyhawk (G430), and I have inadvertently turned on weather information that keeps repeating and walks on the ATC both way.. It will continue even when I pause the XP.  I have Quit XP and restarted with a new flight, but the problem continues.

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Hi 2ndWindWriter

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

From your comments I suspect that you have either COM1 (Garmin 530) or COM2 (Garmin 430) actively tuned into the frequency for ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service), for the airport you are located i.e. 121.875.

ATIS is a service that provides weather information that repeats itself on a loop, something that oddly enough, still works even with XP11 in pause mode!

To cancel the ATIS message, do one of the following, in reference to the photo below.

1. Turn off the relevant COM1 or 2 button above the Garmin 530 panel, as highlighted red in the photo

2. Change the COM1 or 2 standby frequency to something other than that for ATIS and press the C button to the left to make that new frequency active, as highlighted in yellow and green.

Hope this helps


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Thank you very much, GG.  You experienced XP simmers are such a great resource for us newbies:  I've read many of your answers and find them all useful.  In this case, I changed the Comm 2 Freq and that did the trick.  Simple fix, but I probably wouldn't have stumbled onto it for a year.

Thanks, again.

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Hi there

Glad to be of some help :-)

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Many thanks in advance and happy trails!