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Re: function keys for throttle, propeller and mix. Is there any way of decreasing the sensitivity of these keys so that they take longer to adjust whatever they do. For example, I find that F5 and F6 move the mixture lever far too quickly for me to fine-tune the levels I want. I've looked in X-Plane's prf files but couldn't recognize anything to adjust.

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Hi dcprice

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

I have just loaded XP11 with a Cessna Skyhawk and then a Baron 58 and found that the throttle, prop and mixture control levers can be incrementally adjusted with a brief press of the following buttons:-

F1-F2 throttle

F3-F4 propeller speed

F5-F6 mixture

As long as you hold the relevant keyboard button down the levers will move slowly, if you release the keyboard button again, lever movement stops immediately, so fine tuning is possible.

Please therefore check your keyboard settings to ensure that they are assigned to the correct instruction i.e. "throttle up a bit" or "throttle down a bit", "mixture rich a bit" or mixture lean a bit" etc. etc.

Hope this helps.

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Hi. Thanks for the answer. However, the "rich a bit" or "lean a bit" are still far too much movement for my tastes. There must be somewhere, in a prf file or whatever, that determines how much the F-keys move a control. I want them to be even finer that "a bit". I hate seeing the mixture gauges moving so fast, even with quick taps of the key, that I can't select the settings I want.

Yes, I can manipulate the 3D levers, but that is not always convenient to do, hence my need to get the F-keys working better.