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Hi there

I am a new user to X Plane 11, really excited to get started with it all. I have purchased the Logitech Pro Yoke and rudder pedals and have a quick question about these.

I have gone through numerous youtube videos to calibrate the yoke, which has all been completed. When I take off in the Cessna 172 and level the plane off, if I let go of the Yoke the plane is turning one way, as well as climbing quite strongly. Is this an error with my yoke / the calibration or is this the usual way the controls act in this plane?

I am having to fight with the plane and be constantly pushing the nose down to keep the plane level. Please help, what am I doing wrong?

I am aware there is options of trim left and right, as well as pitch trim up and down and I am not sure if this is just as simple as adjusting these, however, I presumed if you let go of the yoke the plane would fly fairly straight?

Thanks in advance for helping a struggling beginner!

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Hi LastChip,

The plane is usually trimmed for takeoff settings. Once you are in cruise flight, you will need to trim the aircraft to fly straight and level. Letting go of the yoke will not normally just flight straight and level, unless you have an autopilot set up. Adjusting trims will be required.

A few observations:

  1. If the plane is constantly rising, you might just need to adjust the power on the throttle. Raising power will go up, lowering power will go down.
  2. If you believe the throttle is fine, there is an Elevator trim as you stated. On the keyboard, it is adjusted with the '[' and ']' bracket keys. '[' should be down and ']' should be up.
I hope this is helpful.
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That's perfect, thank you so much for confirming these details.

It's clearly such a steep learning curve that I need to get to grips with!
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Hi Lastchip,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Have a look at the answer I have provided in the following link found at  

The software supplied with your hardware should be buried never to be seen again.  The same action needs to be observed with other same brand hardware.  If you are using instrument panels of the same name then bury that software and use the software supplied through the following link found at

Good luck and I hope it solves your problem.