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I downloaded the x-plane demo two days ago and enjoyed it, so I decided to purchase a digital product key. After I purchased the digital product key, the instructions said I could use the installer to download the rest of x-plane that wasn't in the demo. I decided to proceed with this option and then entered in the product key. After the product key was entered in, the installer would crash shortly after continuing on to the next page. Then I tried opening the demo, and that started crashing too (worked 5 minutes before purchasing the product key). So now both the installer and the demo both crash on startup.

Steps I have tried so far:

1. Deleting the demo and installer from the computer, along with x-plane's local/temp data, then restarting the computer. Then downloading a new installer. (Multiple times)

2. Deleting the documents insides of preferences before launching the demo. 

Note: This is the base x-plane i have no add ons of anything.

I have attached two logs below. The "x-plane installer log" corresponds to the log after the installer crashes after entering in the product key. The "log" corresponds to x-plane's log after starting up the demo and the demo crashing.


x-plane installer log(Installer Crash):

x-plane folder log (Demo Crash):

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Hi msbeeman

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

I have looked through your Installer Log.txt and Log.txt files and the first thing that I noticed was that you are probably trying to run XP11 on a mobile or laptop with an Intel Core i7 - 1065G7 CPU (code name Ice Lake).

Whilst the CPU in question was recently released in 2019, it is unfortunate that this particular processor only runs at 1.3GHz. The minimum specification advised by LR for a CPU is 3.0GHz.

In addition, you seem to have a GeForce MX230 graphics card running at 2GB video memory. This should in theory work, but with the low CPU frequency, it could be compounding problems?

The RAM memory installed seems fine at circa 16GB, as is the Windows 10 64 bit operating system installed.

As far as other hardware components are concerned, such as your hard drive etc., I'm unable to comment due to lack of data.

You may wish to visit website and download a small piece of free software that will 'stress test' your laptop, to see if there are any hardware bottlenecks preventing you from running resource hungry applications such as XP11. The test results will be presented to you on the actual web page for you to read.

Sorry can't think of anything else at this stage :-(

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Hi Greengolfer!

Thanks for your in depth response. If the demo ran perfectly fine with low CPU/ram usage before I tried to run the installer on it to download the full game, wouldn't that have meant the full game would have worked perfectly well?
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Just an update, I purchased another copy on steam and used their installer. X-plane successfully installed and worked through steam, so it is indeed a problem with the x-plane installer. Hopefully laminar can give me a refund on the copy I purchased from them....