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I love the X-Plane 10 consept. Sadly I think the standard flight planning tool in X-Plane 10 is not so easy to use. As a new X-Plane 10 simmer I don`t now to fill in the empty route-field. Can`t you make a whole easy to use Interface like Prepar3D or FSX, but much better? I think many people like X-Plane but it is sadly still too complicated to use. The most simmers love Prepar3D, Flight Simulator X and so on because the Interface is much more easier and intuitiv to use. Please make a better, more easy to use and more advanced Flight planner. And please make European house and roads -- we have European house, roads and cars here. Otherways I love X-Plane and the autentic feel and behavior. Do you have any sugeston for me to what Add-On program I can use for flight planning in X-Plane 10 for Europa?

Stian Raustein
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Please don't title your question "Hey folks ;.)"!

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Hi there,

About that UI interface (it honestly isn't that great). I encourage you to check out Laminar's presentation at Flight Sim Con 2016. Just google it on YouTube and you will find it. It's pretty amazing and they showed off the upgraded UI and upcoming rendering and shadow improvements (it looks real). As for flight planning software, you could use SimBrief-freeware but you have to pay for the latest AIRAC cycle), Routeplanner FMC-freeware (I think google it), or XFMC-freeware (1405 AIRAC cycle)

Hope this helps you,