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First of all as a user of FSX for many years, the last month I have switched to this amazing sim and have been mesmerized by the sim and the flying experience.  Tonight, I have a strange issue that I've seen posted by other people but have not been able to get any clarification on.  I have shaking going on everywhere.  One second all was good, and then it just started.  I do not have the cinema toggle on.  I have tried changing the aircraft number to 2 from 1 etc.  I am running a GTX980ti and have latest drivers installed while using windows 10.  Can you please provide any help?  I have spent the last several hours trying to find a solution.  Thank you in advance.


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Mine has been doing the same for the past three days. I have been running X-Plane 10 for a few years now and just now have come across this. If you find a fix let me know please.

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Usually this type of issue is from cinema verite. If you are positive you haven't toggled it on by mistake, the next step would be to delete or move your preferences folder (found in the output folder) so that the next time you start X-Plane it restores defaults.

It could also be the plane you're using. Some third party aircraft may try to mimic the shaking of real planes.