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I like playing with VR glasses. Will X-Plane 11 support this??

I would be very happy about it.

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I have an Oculus Rift working with X-Plane 10 through FlyInside.

I'm having some motion smoothness issues, but I think that may be related to the age of my i7 processor.

I also have a Leap Motion sensor working.  It is very cool to see your hands inside the cockpit, BUT... I've not been too successful actuating any controls with them.  I can see where the controls are sometimes detected, but grabbing and manipulating is elusive.

I suspect some of that is how the controls were set up by the plane maker.

Really good potential with all of it.

Leap Motion's demo programs are pretty good, so you can see what is possible when something is geared for it.  There is no reason why controls could not be handled in a cockpit that way.

I too am looking forward to XP-11 supporting Rift and Leap Motion.

Side note: As a test, I tried DCS World.  I like the rendering of the graphics and motion is smoother, though it can get bogged down too when too much is going on.  No Leap Motion support, so no comment on that for DCS World.
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have you tried the latest leapmotion 3.1.3 version  i have the latest flyinside version 1.71 for ovr_1300 runing latest ocoulus runtime 1..10.2.322199

 and I have an old i7-4790 with 32gb ram and it works ok for me check this out
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The latest Leap Motion Orion is 3.2, which is what I'm using.  Same version of FlyInside.  I have found some models allow FlyInside interaction with controls, but it's really spotty.

My i7-860 is probably older.  It runs at 2.94 GHz.  16 GB RAM.

I'm getting 30-50 fps with lighter detail.  I'm in the process of gradually raising the levels of detail before fps drops too low.

What I haven't found yet is how to have X-Plane convince me it is using my new GTX 1070 to its fullest.  I still have that warning that the driver is generic, but it's not.

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We've not forgotten about VR. We're still looking at it for the future, but we don't have a timeline at this point.
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That's like you build a great hyper car and don't have a race track to take it to unless going across the creek/ocean. Any simulator is not a simulator not supporting VR because the ultimate goal is imersion and regardless development state of any current VR solution out there, either the Vive or the Rift is total imersion.

That's why I will not get this product nor recomend it for any VR user...
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laminar research is obviously behind the eight ball on this they are way too slow take a look at thish ttps://

Dan Church wrote the programe and he says flyinside for x-plane 11 will be out in a couple of weeks he already has Flyinside for x-plane 10.5 it is freekin brilliant.

Laminar research should have hired him from DAY 1

He also promises to have leapmotion support as well as HDR support "coming soon" let me know if you get this


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I think the problem is not getting the image in your headset, but how to interact with the plane. X-Plane simulates all the button and switches, so you need to be able to press and adjust them from within VR.
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The touch controllers are quite impressive in this regard, and leap motion could be even better for control manipulation. Certainly as viable as clicking and dragging with a mouse.

X-Plane focusses on simulation detail, and that's great. After spending many hours in VR, it is very difficult to suspend disbelief playing on monitors. Obviously if we could all afford the time and space to build the cockpits of our dreams, that would be even better!
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oculus rift via steam via new beta x-plane 11


alien tower pc i7 processer and 16 to 32 g ram , NVidia gtx 1080 graphic card with 8 g ram