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Hi Flightsimmers.

I have no connection with the author of the video blog referenced below.

There have been many comments in the last few weeks in this Q&A Forum about "Why should I pay for X-Plane 11?" since the announcement of the new release.

Watch the link below and you can make up your mind as to whether you proceed/change to X-Plane 11.  The link is as follows     

Hope this helps you decided in which version you wish to operate.


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Hi JoeFlyer15,

See my comments below

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To put it short (my opinion): You'll have to pay in advance for the things you hope to come within X-Plane 11.

Right now there's just some eye-candy and a few nice planes and a FMS without proper documentation.

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Short an simple, this is the way I see it in regards to the question: "Why should I pay for X-Plane 11?" (which I believe slightly contradicts with the content of your post) 

As for strictly why you should (assuming you are an X-Plane 10 user), keep in mind that X-Plane 10 came out some 5-ish years ago. When people buy video game franchises (i.e.: Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Star Wars, Battlefield, Forza... things like that), they are willing to pay money for newer versions of the franchise. That is the why I see X-Plane. 

Why I first saw that X-Plane 11 was to be release, I thought of the same thing... "why pay for it if I am a 'loyal' user?"  I soon realized the strangeness of my question, and now it is more appropriately this: "why wouldn't I pay for X-Plane 11?" 

There are many reasons. With a multitude of core and cosmetic updates, altogether pushing the simulator further towards modernization, AND with the continuous support and updates for X-Plane 10 after all of these years, I have too many reasons to pay for X-Plane! Over this time, I have enjoyed X-Plane 10 too much and appreciated the work of Laminar Research too much to not pay for X-Plane 11. I feel like I must support them financially for continual development, and really to advocate the central dogma of the creation of the simulator in the first place: to create a realistic simulator. It has done this, and then some. 


*I have no affiliation with Laminar Research. 

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Hi JoeFlyer15,

You are absolutely correct in your opening paragraph that I have contradicted my question with the added comment/ answered YouTube link.

There are many "simmers" in recent times complaining about having to pay for the new version of X-plane.  There are many who still want to complain about paying for X-plane 11.  The purpose of my Q&A heading posed as a question was to provoke the possible future complainants to see the blunt question asked about paying and then view the YouTube video from Wycliffe.

Once viewed the possible complainants can make up their mind, after reading/ seeing sensible simple reasoning as to why they should pay or not.  The other intention was to short circuit the need by jroberts to provide the same answer for the same question asked in a variety of ways.

I agree with you comments in your last 3 paragraphs of comment to me.  It is just another way of saying you need to pay if you want X-Plane 11.

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I have been lifting some of the burden, I suppose, off of jroberts. I would not, for the record, say my answers apply ubiquitously, as I am not affiliated with Laminar Research, and as such, cannot claim to act as representation.

With that out of the way, I am glad you saw my point! Just as you said your post was aimed to enlighten the many who view it, so was my post there. I really want people to understand, as you do, that just because they own X-Plane 10 they can't really not pay for X-Plane 11. Ethically, I don't really see why people don't want to pay for it, and economically, it would be a disaster for Laminar Research if everybody got a discount!


Okay... now it's time for a mildly off topic anecdote:

I was really glad to see that X-Plane was put onto Steam. This seemed to bring a much larger market to the X-Plane platform. I suppose Laminar Research benefitted from this, and that is GREAT for us users in the long run. But man, looking through those so-called Steam "reviews"... it was brutal! A large chunk of the people who purchased X-Plane were either expected too much graphically or had no idea what to expect.

That is why I am especially glad for X-Plane 11. It brings a whole new layer of graphical enhancement, as well as customer ergonomics that X-Plane 10 had not really achieved, ultimately making it an all-around more attractive sim for the average Steam-goer. Of course, Steam tends to fail to represent the true X-Plane community... those of use who have stuck by its side no matter what (even with those recent 10.50 Beta bugs lol). I can't really comprehend how far flight simulators have come! X-Plane 11 is another of those steps, years in the making. I am excited.

Joe N.
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ALSO, would you mind marking this as "answered"? I believe the "green" square icon will catch people's eyes, and I want them to see this thread. :)
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Thank you. :-)
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To all of those flight simmers who have made a comment or answer on the original question I raised.

Go back and read my original statement.  Some have been confused on what I was trying to achieve ie should I pay or not pay for the upgrade

The heading was made to draw attention to those simmers who don't want to pay for the new version and hopefully put the whole question to rest.

The purpose of the link was to provide an alternative flight simmers thoughts and reasons as to why you should pay.  When XP11 is finally sorted ie no more Beta releases, then I will consider changing from XP10.51 to XP11 and will be happy to pay for the upgrade.

Others have made comments as to why you should pay.  All you are doing, which I agree to, is providing an alternative reasoning to the point I was supporting.


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I have been using x-plane 10 and really enjoy it....yes graphics are lacking in some area's but feel realistic in sims are amazing and have come along ways since x-plane 5 or older

x-plane 11 looks really great but for me now I need to upgrade cpu,graphics card,a new machine so cost will be around 2000.00 in order to get my sim 4 screens working properly

Funds are not their yet to justify I will wait to let the bugs out of x-plane 11....complaint over kill on the Haze...on this version over kill in my opinion, like flying in blue skies  in the clear also feel programmers have been working their buts off for us to enjoy their work....

and would gladly pay for their work....I added a new hard drive lost my version 10 product key how can i get it back or do I loose everything in old version 10 if I purchase a new one......!! I have seen new version 29.00 not the issue do not want to loose info on old one...clear.....thanks help anyone..

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Sorry for the late response, but "For a copy of X-Plane purchased at this website please e-mail [email protected] or call 913-269-0976 for support."

^ ^ ^ If you still have receipt/order details, present them to support to try and get a replacement key for free for X-Plane 10 while we wait for the kinks in X-Plane 11 to be worked out. 

As for the haze, the developers have recently toned down the haze in a recent patch of the Beta. :)

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I disagree I purchased X-Plane 10 a few months back and I have never played it. Simply because it had no aircraft models that I liked. No ATC or AI traffic and third party addons was non-existent no FMS and RNAV/LNAV was out. For the price of the game you would expect a great package or even access to later upgrades even if users pay a small price to upgrade NOT full. I will be asking for a refund of X-Plane 10 I'm disappointed as it's still more or less in BETA and you're charging ridiculous prices for a limited simulator.
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@  Icklek third party addons was non-existent comment


Plenty of addons and planes here -

X-Plane 10 is far from beta and I have received many free upgrades over the several years of owning it.  Perhaps that was a typo and you were referring to X-Pane 11.

I gladly payed for X-plane 11 ppb1 to happily play it and help out while it is developed.  Since I use X-Plane for instrument practice and area familiarization for my real life flying I find it very valuable.  When flying to a new airport, it is great training.

As far as the price I consider it an excellent value.  Especially compared to other software I use for general aviation.  You and I just have different opinions here.

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@glenfer Why should I pay for X-Plane 11

Here are a few of my reasons.

1. Participate in the progression and development of a program I use and enjoy since the first release. This helps support Laminar Research so they will continue to produce great simulators.

2. Have better flight models and graphic engine then previous versions.

3. To have the latest and greatest.

4. To have fun.

Do I really have to say I am in no way affiliated with Laminar Research?  Because I am not except for my customer loyalty.  =)

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xD True. I only say "I'm not affiliated with Laminar Research" because the way I presented information very much seemed as though I was connected or would somehow benefit from saying that (at least in my eyes), and so I felt like I should just reaffirm that I'm not connected.

I also say it on some of my other Forum posts just in case I am utterly wrong, and don't want Laminar Research to be held accountable for one of my mistakes. With that said, I am one of only a FEW people who generally answer the other questions on the forum, and being new users might anticipate only "official support" to answer these questions, I just like to note that I am not part of the LR team (just in case).