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Will X-Plane 11 on DVD be released at the same time as the digital download?  Will we be able to pre-order it?

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I understand, as per the words of Laminar Research, X-Plane 11 will be available on DVD on release date.

You can purchase an X-Plane 10/11 Product Key combo here:

- This key you purchase is for a digital download of X-Plane 10, which will also work for an X-Plane 11 digital copy on release day!

EDIT (for anyone reading): DVDs were not available on release date!
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Is the digital download the same price as the DVD set?
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Short answer: sort of. I believe their base prices are similar if not the same but you will likely have to pay shipping and handling on the DVD set, especially depending on what country you live in. Essentially, the DVD copy in one way or another will cost a small bit more. 

To elaborate, X-Plane 11 went final March 31, so I'm excited to say all purchasable versions will be available very soon. As always, the digital download is ready for grabs; a Pro-USB key is now available, as well as the Steam version, and the DVD sets, as of now, will be up on the website shortly.