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Hello all,

after watching a lot of videos and reading forums on the Internet I finally decided to give X-Plane 10 a go. I know devs supply a demo for "trying out" reasons, but unfortunately for some reason demo always crashed on startup, so I just went ahead and dropped $60 on a full game. I went into X-Plane 10 positive, after all, the feedback I received was pretty great, but after some time I just couldn't get into it... And there were some things I couldn't get over (a long time FSX user), like no proper flight saving (I know there are situation saves, but that's a bit different), and even some custom scenery came without airport buildings and such, etc.

So my question is, if dissatisfied by the product, do devs refund the purchase?

Thank you in advance for the answer




Specs (if you need them for some reason):

i5 4690K/16GB RAM/GTX970 3,5GB VRAM/Crucial M500 480GB SSD/Windows 7 Pro x64

X-Plane 10.51

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Did you purchase a digital copy of X-Plane 10 on the X-Plane website (as in not through Steam)? 

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Thank you for the quick reply.

Yes, it was purchased on this website (
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Good news! On the day of release, you are eligible for a free copy of X-Plane 11! (see the message below at --> this is assuming you purchased a digital copy solely from AFTER September 9, 2016). 

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When was it purchased?
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It was purchased today.

What I'm wondering does LR have a refund policy? I couldn't find it anywhere on this site.

I guess I better contact the official support...
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You can contact official support, and you can also wait out and see if you like X-Plane 11 (no extra charge), which is coming out by the end of this year. You are lucky because digital purchasers this month will receive a free copy of the upcoming X-Plane 11, which, if you look at, looks stunning. 

Of course, I am not affiliated with Laminar Research. I am not trying to sell you anything; if you are unhappy with the product and feel as though you can't adjust, then you can try asking for a refund at [email protected]

All the best! 

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Thanks, I will give the support a try.

I think it would be better to ask for a refund now instead of waiting for XP11, because with time passed by it might get even more difficult to ask for a refund then.
I can always try XP11 when it's released ;). Hopefully the demo will work the next time...
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Okay, that's fine! I understand. And the X-Plane 11 Demo will be available on release.