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Hi, I am planning on purchasing X-Plane 11 and transitioning into it from FSX but I learned that X-Plane doesent really have an option for Autorudder or at least its not really good and highly not recommended to use (thats what forums have stated). The reason why Autorudder funcionality is so import for me is because I dont have rudder pedals, I only have a saitek pro flight yoke and quadrant. I am not willing to purchase a pair of rudder pedals. So my question is, is there AutoRudder functionality in X-Plane or at least coming to X-Plane 11? and is it good?
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I am also using Saitek Yoke System and Saitek Cessna rudder controllers.  From another post I gather that automatic rudder is supposed to be "automatically" disabled if the sim detects rudder pedals are attached.  As of at least XP11 R1.05 (and earlier), this auto detection does not appear to be reliable, at least not with my Saitek equipment and Windows 10 on a rig that does not have "legacy" USB ports, i.e. a motherboard with a Z170 chipset.  

IT WOULD BE MUCH BETTER (IMHO) if XP11 were to allow the user to manually (in Settings) disable automatic rudder turn coordination.  If this capability actually exists somewhere, it isn't documented.  Sheesh.

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X-Plane 10 and 11 both have auto-rudder for people who don't have rudder pedals or joystick twist. While I don't recall it being modified for X-Plane 11 specifically, it's possible autorudder has been tweaked. 

I would highly recommend you try the demo as it will be exactly like the full simulator, except it has a time and scenery limit. Only the X-Plane 10 demo is available right now, but it would give you a feel for how auto rudder will handle.

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What is your experience with autorudder? Can you test it and tell me if it is functional? As long as it works and is not terrible then Im fine.