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My old MacBook Pro won't work with X-Plane and I'm trying to purchase a new Mac that will take advantage of X-Plane's awesome power.  I see that you recommend a Quad Core faster than 3.0 GHz but the MacBook's only offer 2.5 GHz or optional 2.8GHz (with Turbo Boost).  Is this too slow?

Also, Mac's website doesn't say if their if their video cards are "DirectX 11 compatible."  They offer Intel Iris Pro Graphics and optional AMD Radeon R9 M370X with 2GB memory (not the 4 GB recommended on your website).  Does the MacBook Pro have what it takes?  Is there a custom upgrade I should consider?  

Can I find happiness on a MacBook Pro or do I need a desktop computer.  I'm a licensed pilot using X-Plane to keep my IFR skills current - I don't require a fancy setup with things like multiple screens.

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You're going to be pretty underwhelmed by the Intel graphics. Yes, it will run... No, it will not look great. At the minimum, I suggest looking for a dedicated graphics card.

For what it's worth, I can get default X-Plane to run on my late 2014 MacBook air with the medium to low rendering presets. I'm not a pilot, and I don't need a ton of detail when I test or investigate bug reports. I don't use much 3rd party scenery, aircraft or add ons. When I do use them, X-Plane's FPS can drop like a rock, into the single digits, which is completely un-flyable (some would argue mid-20s is unusable). 

Is there a reason you really want or need a MacBook, or just a laptop in general? Here is a topic on the forum of (a site that is not affiliated with Laminar Research or X-Plane itself) that goes into a lot of detail that might help you pick something. Keep in mind it is a little old now for the outlined specs, and some of the updates we've released since 2010 have increased the minimum system reqs to what you find on our site.