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I was having trouble getting my throttle, ailerons and elevator to work on joystick when I realized there is some unrecognized controller showing up as well as my joystick. This other controller had those assignments associated with it and calibrating my primary joystick did not override the unrecognized one. I went into the unrecognized one and assigned NONE to those axis and it works fine now.
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I have this same issue with my pro flight yoke.  However, I don't have an unrecognized controller showing up.  Is there an ini file somewhere that we can go into and remove controllers, or a way to start over with the calibration of controllers?

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Thank you so much for this!  Perfect solution while devs sort things out.
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Damn ..... I have the same issue but I deleted the unrecognized USB device. Problem is, now X-plane keeps telling me there is an uncalibrated controler, but won't show it again, so i cannot set it to none...


Help ...
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Did you check the drop down for the joysticks and see if it shows there?