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Hey there,

great work so far. I just tried to add german airspaces from (OpenAir-Format)
to the GPS. with X-Plane 10, i just have to save the file at \X-Plane 10\Custom Data\GNS430\airspaces

I tried the same with X-Plane 11 but no airspaces are displayed anymore.
Did i miss something or is it "just Beta" ?

Greets from Germany


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The format for nav data changed in X-Plane 11. Here is an article that outlines how it should all work in X-Plane 11.

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Too bad that my english is not the best and there are a lot of special things in that document. I cant figure out how to merge the OpenAir-File into that "all in one Database".

Are there any other hints ?
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I've had a read of the specifications, but I cannot see how to describe airspace regions in a format to add to user_fix.dat or user_nav.dat, assuming that those files are where they should go?

Sorry if I'm missing the glaringly obvious!

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No, I definitely don't think any of it's glaringly obvious. :) I don't fully understand all of it myself, as it's not an area I work in often.

user_fix.dat & user_nav.dat are only for a fix or navaid that has been altered through the X-Plane map. This was a feature of X-Plane 10 but is not currently part of XP11.

I also do not see any reference to how airspaces are handled in the new nav data, unless it is in one of the new file types, which are not editable by hand.
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That articel is for navdata, no airspace mentioned :(
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One thing I noticed: I put the airspace text file in the GNS430/airspaces folder and nothing seemed to happen, but if I then quit, removed the file and restarted, then X-Plane complained that the file was missing. If I get the chance to repeat the experiment, I'll file a bug.

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