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Why am I getting 20-30 FPS in XP11 when In P3D I get double the fps with the same PC?


I have a AMD Fury, 32gb 3200mhz ram, 2500mbps ssd, and a I5 6600k 4.5ghz and get 20-30 fps...the same was happening in XP10 and I quit using it.


This is totally unacceptable.
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P3D and X-plane 11 are not comparable. The fact that you can get good frames on P3D means nothing while running X-plane 11.

However, i hope the optimization gets me more frames on x-plane 11. To be honest, i don't care about frames but more if the sim is running smoth.

You need also to see that xp11 runs with less stutter at 20-30 fps that p3d does.

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I agree and second everything you just said. Please submit a bug report. They are going to have to fix this, as the only people this program seems to actually work for are their testers, as well as their big Youtube endorsers, both of which probably have $5,000+ setups.

I do computer programming myself, and when my team tests programs, we test it on an array of devices, not just the optimal ones, because we want to make sure everyone can enjoy our programs. I feel that, if the X-Plane 11 team would've done this, they would have recognized the problem early on.

Theres no reason a setup that can run The Witcher 3, GTA V and Battlefield 1 at max settings over 60 fps shouldn't run X-Plane 11 at 15 fps!
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I am going to submit it as a bug. I don't own 11 but do own 10, and yet I get the same fps in 10 as I do in the Demo in 11, it doesn't make any sense when I get 20 FPS in a Sim that uses Vulkan which is AMD friendly vs Nvidia just like DX12 then I see someone with a freaking I7 6700k and a GTX 1080 which are both "Supposed" to be better yet they are getting the same FPS as me...

If I can play ROTTR at 2.5k max settings and Anti Aliasing and get 45+ FPS then I should be able to play XP11 at 4k max settings and get 45+ as well.

I just flew into Northern California Orbx KBLU in my A2A Comanche 250 at 4k max settings getting a locked 60fps!!! I would love to be able to buy XP11 because it is cheaper, but not only that but because of the lights, airports are amazing, and sloped, and then the traffic but if I get worse performance than I know I should, I'm not buying it and wasting my hard earned money like I did with XP10. I would love this sim for long and regional hauls and P3D for my flight training and VFR.

How many people do you think are in the same boat as us? I think people are taking it for what it is and not thinking twice, saying to themselves that it is a good sim because of the performance they aren't getting....maybe?

I'm in college studying Computer Network Administration, and know the basics now, I know this is not right, I built my PC and know I should be destroying this Sim.
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i think you need to turn down your settings and not start off maxed out. RTM and FAQs. You can't compare other software's max settings with x-plane's. X-plane is an advanced simulator and it's different to other sims in that X-plane calculates the aerodynamics in real time hence why most 'serious' simmers state stuff like 'it feels real in flight'.
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Actually, yeah, you can totally compare it to everything else, it literally does not matter about what the flight dynamics are doing because that is nothing, it should not take any performance away at all.

What's sad is that people think this is normal and that X Plane is good because they get horrible performance.

In P3D which can definitely be compared to X Plane because it is a flight simulator, you can fly an A2A Piper Cherokee, Comanche, or Cessna 182 and 172 and they enter the data exactly as it is in real life, yes, if you fly a Carenado plane you will fly a brick, because they don't enter any flight dynamics data because they're lazy, you can feel the difference especially if you have flown the real planes.

I can tell when there is something wrong or Probably bad code when I am playing at max Settings in XP11, then I do what you say and lower the settings from 4k resolution and max settings to 1080p and medium settings and can't make any detail out at all and get THE SAME FPS, that sir is pathetic.

When in their Competitors Simulator I can play with the same settings and actually higher settings and get 50-60 fps at 4k vs X Planes 20-30.

You can always find something to compare something else to, do we not compare aircraft in real life? Does Boeing and Airbus not compare and compete with planes like the 787 and A350? Or Cessna vs Piper? Cessna Citation vs  Embraer? Xbox Vs PlayStation? Apple vs Samsung?

Oh, but "it's advanced"....exactly as I said, people think bad performance males it good...

Your excuse to all of these people getting horrible FPS in something that they should get a locked 50-60 fps at Max Settings and 4k because we have the PCs to do it, is that it's advanced.  When I can do the same thing in their Competitors sim and get better fps and it looks better because of add ons, and flys just as realistically depending on what you fly and who made it.

Sorry to sound rude, but like I said this kind of performance is totally unacceptable and should be fixed, this is 2017 nearly, in 5 years when XP11 is 11.8 or something and people are using maybe Laser SSDs and 64gb of VRAM and 6+ghz CPUs I don't want to get the same performance in XP11 that I did 5 years ago, you know something is wrong with someone with a Nvidia 1080 and  Better CPU by a good margin, at least 10% is getting the same FPS as you.
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Talyor8764 - 40 to 60 FPS 2560 X 1440 here and I do NOT have a $5000 rig.  Why not look through past posts and see this already discussed.  If you do computer programing you should understand the beta process. This is a Beta 1 not the official release.  If you buy the X-plane 11 now, which is in beta, you get a free X-Plane 10 copy.  That is a good deal!

Easton - If you know the basics you should understand the beta process.  Those that are not willing to help out in beta should just wait for the official release.  Once X-Plane 11 goes gold then I would say it is fair to compare it  to other programs like P3D.


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Um, you don't even see this as a problem?

When someone (like yourself) has a lesser PC than Taylor, and you get more than double the FPS when his PC is more powerful, that's a problem!

I'm helping out with the Demo, not the Beta, because I'm not going to buy the game and get the Beta if I tried the Demo and get the same performance as someone with a greater PC, 20-30 fps, NO THANKS.

Obviously anyone that is buying XP11 doesn't care about XP10, because all things from XP10 will move to the "better" XP11.

Also, I know this was in response to Taylor, buy I own XP10 and haveny even put an hour into it because I get THE SAME FPS that I do in the "improved" XP11! I get 20-30 FPS in XP10 and the same in XP11 when I should be getting at least double that.

When you lower settings and get the same performance that means there's a problem with coding or something with the program.

What are your Exact Specs and settings?

I guarantee you it's a 980 or something of the type, because apparently it's all optimized for one or two mainstream GPUs as I have been seeing people with 980s say they get better performance than me, and I have an AMD Fury which should get better performance and especially at higher Resolution because of HBM memory, then on top of that Vulkan.
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That sounds too good to be true. What's your specs?

Here's mine and my experience.