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I should be the male voice, but the response to ATC is female voice. Or maybe have an option to choose what voice we could be. And can the atc network have a more realistic sound? It sounds like a robot

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Third parties can create custom replacement voice packs to replace pilots or controllers, or even controllers on specific frequencies or at specific locations.  The voice packs are a collection of wave files and a text file controlling them.

There is not a built-in option right now to select among multiple pilot voices because the sim only ships with one controller and one pilot.
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Can you please post the file locations?

I found the ATC and PILOT voice folders but cannot locate

Audio Folders for Specific Locations or Specific Controllers or etc.


It would be great if X-Plane included multiple pilots to emulate more the real world or different people.




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To change the voices so that you have a Male Pilot and a Female ATC do the following.

In X-Plane go to Resources/ default scenery/default atc/voices/ in here you will find two folders.

1. default.

2. default pilot.

Rename default to default pilot.

Rename default pilot to default.

Then reload X-Plane and you will have a Male Pilot and a Female ATC.

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