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This has happened the last 4 flights I have made.  I go on 45 minute to 60 minute flights chatting with ATC and right after I turn to final approach the game crashes. This has happened in both the 172 and beechcraft.  I recognize it coming now because it stutters a couple of seconds before the game crashes.  I have to think it is related to me talking to the ATC.  This is in X plane 11 btw.
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I just purchased X-Plane 11 yesterday.  I've tried 3 fights in the Cesna 172.  All 3 flights have crashed either during approach or while flying just after decending.  The first crash was a crash to desktop which didn't send data back to Luminar.  The second did.  The the third just happened 5 minutes ago and didn't send data back to Luminar.   I am about to uninstall and ask for a refund of my 60 dollars.  Is this still beta?  Maybe I misunderstood.  I'd like to at least get a complete flight in.
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it is still in beta as far as i know.  the only thing worrying me is the lack of response from the developers.  i hope they are seeing all of these issues and working on them
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To My knowledge they are aware and working on issues form the last patch. I just saw an answer from them from hours ago about a new patch and how they are investigating the frame rate issues. Mine runs pretty well. But it too will crash once in a while.

Beta Data....
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Just purchased released version of X-Plane 11 a week ago and have not been able to complete a flight yet due to this issue.

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There is a known issue of the sim crashing when reporting the field in sight. X-Plane 11 is still very much in beta development. Please see the Release Notes article for key known issues and fixes for each version to see the work that is still going into the sim.