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When it comes to minimum requirements are GPU specs more important CPU? I have a basic laptop with no dedicated video and the v. 11 worked fine for a while and after some updates it stopped working so I figured that the basic nature of CPU and non dedicated graphics memory were at the root cause.

I am considering a new gaming laptop purchase of an Alienware 17 laptop which has a quad-core Intel i-7 processor that has a speed of 2.6 ghz processor and a dedicated GTX 1070 with 8gb memory. Right now the laptop is on sale and I'm hoping the GPU plays a bigger part than the CPU.

I've been a dedicated x-plane user since v9 and former MS Flight Simulator user. I was very impressed with the graphics improvements with version 11 over 10.

I got my pilots license in 1978 and the hobby is too far out of reach financially so this is the only way to enjoy the sport now. The more realistic looking the instrument panels and instrument reactions the better... Thanks X-Plane....

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Now, on a traditional basis, I usually recommend Desktop PCs, as they can typically hold more high-quality components for a cheaper price. I built a Desktop PC for about $1200, which contains an i7 CPU @ 4.0GHz (up to 4.4GHz) and a GTX 960, but with a GTX1060 would cost around $1400.

If you are looking for portability (as in something you could bring out or move around the house at any point, since Desktop PCs can be quite heavy), then of course a laptop is the way to go, though than can be on the more expensive side in terms of the gaming PCs.

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ALSO, just to clarify, is it this model?

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Now, for my main point, the Alienware 17 seems like a nice computer, but while I will say that the new i-7 CPUs are nice, your 2.6GHz may struggle to get by. Luckily, the i7 6700HQ CPU boosts up to 3.5GHz, so that should help.

With that said, GPU power, more often than not, tends to be a little more important than CPU power. But I will say that since your CPU goes up to 3.5GHz, the CPU should be able to go along, though of course more CPU power is always desirable. Unfortunately, almost EVERY typically gaming laptop out there uses the same CPU (Intel i7 6700HQ), which is considerably bothersome because it takes aware from the customizability of it... but alas, it is what we must use so there isn't a huge workaround for it. I will say that the GTX 1070 is a beast (in a good way), so that is a huge plus. Since the Alienware 17 is around $1800 now, I found some similarly-performing laptops from different brands at the same or slightly lower price:


 ^^Great deal^^


^^Same specs as the Alienware 17^^


^^Bundle deal with a video game ("Watch Dogs 2") and a backpack case^^

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So, yeah. Good luck! Come back with any questions if you have 'em.
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The model Alienware you mentioned is correct. I agree with your post about desktops vs. laptops.

In my case I am an OTR Truck driver who spends much of his time in a big rig without a decent power converter so having enough wattage to power a desktop is not an option.

I had been looking at alienware and origin laptops for a while and Bestbuy had reduced the price by 300.00 so I pulled the trigger.

Crossing my fingers as I await V11 to download and install. Hoping for a reasonable outcome. Will report.... Thanks for the response...
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Well..... it turns out the processor surges when needed over 3.6ghz. After installation I loaded my joystick drivers and started using V11. HOLY COW!!! This machine rocks!!!. I slid all the sliders to max including anti-aliasing as well as showing shadows and the laptop doesn't skip a beat. VERY HAPPY!!!. I tried planes that came with V11 as well as some of my aftermarket planes and the machine keeps up with it all. After so many years using basic computers with no dedicated graphics, am wicked happy!!! Thanks....
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That is WONDERFUL!!!

Nothing better in the sim world than hearing a computer user satisfied with their new rig. I would accredit a lot of the improvements to having a dedicated GTX 1070 instead of the integrated graphics, and the CPU upgrade helped a bunch, as well. Nice to hear you're having a more fun time coasting along. :)