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Hi All, I have purchased add-on aircraft, The updater client file when associated with the X updater runs until it shows that there is an update to do. I get this screen, there is an issue with the directory structure, no-one seems to know how to fix. This is for X-plane 11. As you can see below there is a difference of the "\" at the end of the directory, How to fix? Also many of the add on Aircraft are not showing any pictures but rather a ? How can this be fixed, Thank You


My System: With Nvidia 1080 Graphics.

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Are you using the X-Plane 11 installer or an installer from a third party aircraft? The X-Plane installer should not mess with any custom scenery, aircraft or plugins. If it is the X-Plane installer, please attach a copy of the installer log.txt from the desktop.
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Thank You, This is for third party installers, I am having the  issue with the only to aircraft I bought,

FlightFactor and StepToSky team Boeing 757 Professional V2017 and Flight Factor 777 Extended V192. they have updaters which run and these ran when I loaded the aircraft in in X-plane, with both giving the same error. Then I ran them independently and had to associate their updaters with the X-plane installer as they would not run on their own, They ran exactly as the X-plane installer told me it needed an update and then gave the same message in terms of the directory structure, its the "\" which is creating the issue.

I include the log for X-plane from my system. I have now moved the X-plane directory to my Program Files directory and still the same issue. I Initially had the same issue with X-plane then I moved it and the updater is working fine now. I also tried moving their installer to different directories in X-Plane but still it will not complete the update , It finds the data needed to update but will not complete the installation.

Thanks for your help, it is odd that this is doing it for different aircraft.


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We strongly recommend that X-Plane be installed to the desktop. Installing in the C: root or program files folder can cause permissions issues as these are protected locations.

It sounds like you will probably have to ask the aircraft developers for more help. I was not aware that any of them used our installer for their own purposes, so our developers would probably need access to their code to investigate further.
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Hi Thanks, for the suggestion, after getting really nowhere with this problem with some of the service providers and looking at ways to fix the X-plane installation seemed to be corrupted, I have deleted and started a fresh install, I have not added any payware yet, just a plain installation,

When I started x-plane I got told Nav data is not compatible, then I ran the updater and got this message again, note this is for x-plane updater only trying to update the base line x-plane installation. I cannot run X-plane at all, so now worse of with a clean install than before. and the "/" issue is back with the installation paths.

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The only thing I can think of that may still be causing an issue is the special character in your user name (è), although we fixed this issue in pb 2. I wonder if the fact that you did a new install that put you back at pb1 has caused it to resurface. The work around was to create a user name with no special characters. (Andre instead of Andrè)
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Thank you, I created a new user, and it seems to have done the trick. Help appreciated.