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I just finished downloading the program, and pressed "run the program". A message came up saying "can't fine graphic interface file, you must have moved it", but i didn't touch any files, this is the full version, not the demo.

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Hi Christopher,

I usually see this message if something's been moved out of the main X-Plane folder. If you had the installer open and moved the folder or changed the name of anything, it could have messed up the file paths when it tried to launch. Make sure the X-Plane program is in the X-Plane 10 folder and try running it from there. I hope you installed X-Plane to the desktop as well, because sometimes permissions can interfere on Windows installs in other locations.
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I've had exactly the same message when installing X-Plane 11 beta. The install seems so have gone okay (after a few internet interruptions) but the application will not run because X-Plane cannot open the graphics interface file. I have moved nothing out of the installation folder. I have a purchased copy of X-Plane 11.
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If you cannot launch the X-Plane 11 beta, please file a bug report. Include the full log.txt after quitting X-Plane.

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Before I submitted a bug report I just wanted to be sure that I'd received all the files in the download. I had many interruptions in the download (poor internet in China where I live) so chose to update my copy of X-Plane by overwriting all files (in case some were missing or damaged). This took a while but did the trick. I suspect an error like graphic interface file missing is simply a case of a missing or damaged file and just needs a re-download and overwriting (important) all old files. Anyway, problem sorted. Thanks.