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I frequently use left/right brakes to control Xplane 10 but I can't find left, and right on Xplane 11. Has the differential brake feature been removed? I don't have rudder pedals, so the brakes make ground control much easier than just rudder steering.

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Yes, these options were removed in one of the latest betas. Austin believed it was an inaccurate way to handle braking and no one should use it.
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Strange, In real airplanes you have separate left/right brakes. That you should learn to use them (better prevent using them) is just a reason to put them in. A simulator should not disable which is available in what it simulate, just because people do not know how to use it.
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What a silly decision!

Then, why do we have an axis for left/right toe brake, but we are denied to use this brakes in case we don't have appropriate rudder pedals????

Then, switch off ability to control the plane other then by a joystick!
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Differential braking is absolutely needed for people without rudder pedals.

You should really reconsider this decision.
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Agreed, this is a serious step backward in usability.  I fly GA almost exclusively, and differential braking is a must, coupled with the fact I do not own a fancy set of rudder pedals.  If a C172 has a left brake and a right toe brake, why can't this be simulated like it has been in every other version of X-Plane?  This, plus horrid frame rate in the clouds, are making me fly v10 more since buying v11, it's THAT important to me.
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Problem solved in 11.10


  • XPD-7574 Commands are back, because people wanted them: “sim/flight_controls/left_brake” & “sim/flight_controls/right_brake”