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I'm currently having a problem with X-Plane 9.70. When I fly the A380-800 (aircraft created by riviere, available at using Autopilot and Autothrottle, the ATHR doesn't work. For example, when I level at FL350, HDG 300, ATHR 280kts, it holds approximately 245-250kts.
I've already contacted riviere, but he can't explain this.
Do you know where this problem comes from ? Is there a way to fix it ?
Thanks in advance
Best regards :)

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Hi lamarmotte,

I am not familiar with this problem. My understanding of the autothrottle feature comes from X-Plane 10's manual: "It will maintain the craft’s current airspeed by increasing or decreasing the throttle, while leaving the pitch alone."

It is very possible that this functions differently between the two versions ! Unfortunately, we are no longer releasing patches to X-Plane 9, so even if this is a bug, it will remain in the v9 simulator.