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I just installed X-Plane 11 final, hoping it would include scenery for Sydney International (YSSY) airport and surrounding coastlines ...

The runways are displayed, but they are in the middle of the ocean with no local land scenery along the Sydney coastline - the inland scenery scenery is OK, but the coastline is missing !


Will this up updated son,ordo I need to download something ?


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Ive got the same issue with Sydney. Also heathrow and several other european airports are under water for me. I have just uninstalled and reinstalling all scenery again ( 50 gigs download from the servers is going to take forever) hoping this will fix it.
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Thanks Peter,

I just went into the installer and removed the scenery for Australia, then re-downloaded it - that worked !

Now I have a beautifully rendered airport - above water - and coastline.

I did expect the updater to do this automatically - but at least it works now :)
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BUT - I still don't have an Opera House or Harbour Bridge - or any real CBD buildings !

The ground-level scenery is totally fake - there is nothing on the ground that simulates the real thing.

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Awesome. Im still dl'ing the whole lot again. Only 20 hours left at 668 kbps. :(
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So, if I buy X-Plane 11 have I got to reinstall my scenery? I have Sydney and Brisbane currently and they are excellent.

What about aircraft that I've bought for X-Plane 10? Do I have to re-install those?

Clive (from the Gold Coast)
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if they work fine, leave it. But if your missing airports that should be there, you may have to re-install some scenery. I am missing Heathrow, but uninstalling europe and re-installing it didnt work for me. So, im just wiping it all and re-installing the lot. Failing that, ill call support I think. The download speeds from x-plane are terrible.
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Thanks Peter. I'm off to the US for work next week so I'll have a go at downloading 11 when I get back and see what happens!


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Your welcome...

The experience I'm having with downloading the scenery today, trying to download only Australia which is only something like 2.9 gigs, I'm only getting 10 KB/s atm. Maybe you should start the download before you go to the US. lol. Just joking, I'm sure its just a bit of congestion. I'm half way through downloading 2.9 gigs, with 38 hours left apparently.