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I have tried multiple installers from my backups for X-Plane 10 and also get the same result.  Insert key.

How can I download a demo version if I have to buy it first?

I have searched back through 100 pages with out finding an answer.



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I had this issue , Ubuntu 16.04 and it transpires that the installer was looking at my DVD drive and seeing the x plane 9 disc which  I normally leave in. As I stated on the tech support forum " Its looking at the DVD for XP 9. What a crazy bit of DRM incompetence ! "


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You can read more about Downloads for Older Versions here.

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The installer provided by that link doesn't work.  It requires a code or insertion of a DVD 1 to continue installation.
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If you have never downloaded an X-Plane 10 demo before, the first screen you should see when you open the installer is a choice to pick install a demo or a product purchase. If you are not seeing this, there is DRM on your computer that indicates you have purchased or installed X-Plane at some point.
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So how is someone supposed to install a v10 demo for testing or updating older aircraft?
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The same thing happens on a computer that has never downloaded any X-Plane series period.  

They have changed the installer so it no longer allows Demo downloads.  

 You can have a demo,  just as long as you pay for it up front?

 You can any GPS you want as long as it is a Garmin. No other brand allowed.

What has happened to our old X-Plane simulator?
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Attach a copy of your installer log.txt. I cannot reproduce this issue.

I just downloaded the installer from and this is the screen I see:

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I downloaded from your link five times.  Unpack the zip and I get the same screens over and over.

Won't say it is not my fault, but in 9 years of DLs for XP, I feel I know what buttons to push when.

 I do have XP 10 installed.   I am going to try this on a computer that has never DL'd anything from XP.

I have a friend who has tried for a week now and cannot get the demo for XP10  and he has never DL'd it before.  I have been trying to help him.  He gets the same thing. I even sent him an old Installer dated from July 7th, 2016  and it does the same thing also.



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You can manually clear your DRM cache by deleting the files:

  • X-Plane_drm.prf
  • X-Plane_install_10.txt
  • X-Plane_XDD.prf
On OS X it’s in users/(username)/Library/Preferences/ .
On Windows the file will be in the user’s local app data folder, e.g. C:\Users\nnnn\AppData\Local\.
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Thank you for taking the time to answer my query. I know how swamped you are with the Gateway board and this one and others, I am sure.   

I will try this out and hopefully get a download done.

Thank you