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I have three monitors, with center monitor selected as the Main Monitor. I can use all three in X-plane if I select Windowed Simulator and drag the image across the three monitors. Unfortunately the instrument panel is off set to the left display and the image is distorted. I also lose a bit of the scene with the tool bars at the top and bottom of the display.

I have tried setting the Main Monitor in the Graphics Settings to Full Screen Simulator, with the resolution at the Default Monitor Settings. In Visuals Settings I have Forward with 3-D cockpit selected. Field of View is set to Lateral field of view at 45.0 degrees, Vertical field of view 33.8 degrees (defaults to this value), and Visual Offsets to 0.00 degrees.

When I try to set Monitor 1 or Monitor 2 to Full Screen Simulator, X-plane crashes and a crash log dialog box appears. I have forwarded that dialog box to  X-Plane support.

I have read the manual and have watched several YouTube videos explaining the method to achieve a three monitor view. I have been a user of X-plane 8, 9, 10, and now 11. I have been running X-Plane10 with the screen resolution set to 5760x1080 with pretty good results. However those settings have not worked for me in X-Plane 11. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks, John
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I am having the same problem using 2 R9s.  I would like to use both cards for better performance as crossfire does nothing for performance. As soon as I setup the second monitor on the second card x plane will not start.  I can start it with the secondary display unused, but as soon as I select it x plane crashes.

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I have a similar problem. When I try to configure the third monitor, X-plane 11 immediately crashes. My configuration is Dell T7910 Windows 7 pro 64 with two NVIDIA Quadro M2000 4GB. The computer is almost new and has no specific software installed.

I discovered that if I plug the monitors on two different graphic cards, x-plane crashes at the moment I try to configure the third monitor plugged on the second video card, but if I plug all three monitors on the same video card, x-plane works perfectly. Of course, the performance decrease since I have only one card instead of two.

Maybe there is a bug in the management of configurations with two video cards.


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Same problem here. I have two video cards when I try to make a screen on the second video card full screen, x-plane crashes. 3 monitor on a single video card works fine. Any additional monitors from second video card causes x-plane to crash.
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Has the multiple gpu monitor issue been addressed at all? I am trying with three 1080tis each for its own monitor, getting immediate crashes in settings menu when selecting.


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I'm having the same issue.  I have two GPUs and the two monitors that are connected to the first GPU works without any problems.  As soon as I click on the monitor connected to the second GPU, XPlane 11.10b crashes.  In fact, it crashed on 11.05 final release too.

Can anyone help?


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I can add a second monitor and not see a crash. Make sure you remove all plugins then if you can still create this, send a screenshot of your graphics settings, the log.txt and the exact steps you take to see the crash (including everything you click on, numbers entered, etc) to the bug reporter.

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Dear XPlane 11 aviators,

my xplane 11 crashed when I try to use two monitor! When I make the configuration to put my second monitor as Windoed or full screen monitor, it crash definitivelly.  Before today, I used to reintall the game again and again and agains, but reading these pages someone told that to install the xplane 11 again, just copy the Output Folder to the desktop.

But I didnĀ“t copy it! I just open the Output/Preferences/Xplane windows positions with Notes and made changes in this lines:

num_monitors 0
monitor/0/m_window_idx 0
monitor/0/m_monitor 0

At least, no more trashes but the wmonitor use still the same!


Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil!
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The rather chilly response from X-Plane regarding multiple gpus....

"Jennifer Roberts <[email protected]>

Mon 11/13/2017, 4:35 PM

X-Plane does not and has no plans to support multiple graphics cards. If this worked previously, it was chance and we do not provide support for this configuration.


Jennifer Roberts

[email protected]"

So basically plug all monitors into one card, if you have more for scenery, X-Plane has no intention of acknowledging you. Win some loose some I suppose.

FRed Baron

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I do hope the above mentioned Jennifer Roberts has incorrectly stated x-planes position.

I have the multiple GPU card crash problem and X-Plane's position is not what I would expect.

Perhaps I can help correct this surprising view that X-Plane has of multiple GPU support.. Allow me to supply some encouragement to the x-plane to fix this bug.

Please view

Once x-plane has viewed the site above I would like to ask X-plane if they need more encouragement to adjust their position on multiple GPU support. I do not think anymore needs to be said.

Looking forward to the fix, I expect it soon.

Thank you.

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Hi Folks,

Dump the idea of using Windows to connect your 3 screens.  Use the system of multiple screens within the XPlane software as explained in the Manual.  It can be done.

Have a look at the multiple screen arrangements as explained by Michael Brown from XForcePC.  This company is the recommended X-Plane PC supplier in the US.  In particular listen to the video whereby Michael utilises 3 65inch televisions produced about 4 months ago  The link is at

I am not associated with Laminar or XForcePC.  

Hope this helps