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Hi ,

After 3 installations , i still can't play the game i have just purchased

My computer is a laptop HP

 I7-3610QM CPU 2,30 GHz , 6 GB Ram , Graphic Card : NVidia GeForce 630M ( updated )
i got this message :

There was a problem processing a GLSL pixel shader
You may need to rerun the installer or update your graphic drivers

I tried to install the game 3 different times updating directly the game and of course my graphic drivers are updated

I am saddened to realize that after a long time installing the game i am not allowed to play it and hope that someone will soon give me an answer , unless i spent almost 70€ for nothing and will have to throw the game to the rubbish

Waiting for a fast answer
Kind regards


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Please attach a copy of the installer log.txt which should be located on your desktop.
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I have posted it on a download file on the main comment
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I have posted it on a download file on the main comment
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The log shows the GPU is 

Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

If your computer has two graphics cards, it appears X-Plane is using the Intel one instead of the Nvidia one you listed. You may need to change a computer setting so the more powerful card is the default.

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Hi Francois,

"of course my graphic drivers are updated"

X-Plane appears to be trying to use your built-in Intel mobo graphics and not your nvidia card.

Did you install an Nvidia driver update, an Intel driver update, or a driver update from HP or Microsoft?

It looks to me like you have two problems:

- X-plane is using the wrong GPU. This is usually due to a problem with some kind of local control panel specific to the laptop - it's hard for us to say how to convince your particular computer to use the right GPU.

- The Intel GPU (the wrong GPU, but still functional) has old drivers.

If you install updated Intel drivers, the sim may run, but you won't be getting the performance of the nvidia GPU.

Finally, just to put this in perspective, the 630M is _not_ a fantastic graphics card - it's near the bottom of NVidia's offerings.  So even if you can convince X-Plane to use the 630M (and it should run faster than the Intel GPU) you will need to run with relatively low settings to get high framerates.