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When I go to customize armament on the F4, the rendering doesn't work properly - the text is misaligned with the color boxes, and none of the selectable areas do anything, including "confirm" "restore to default" etc.  I've had to quit using Task manager.

XP11 is otherwise running quite well maintaining FPS>30 at full settings

Thank you!


xp 11.00

OS: windows 10 Pro 1607

CPU: i7700 Kaby Lake @ 4.8Ghz

MB: Gigabyte z270x Gaming 7

RAM: 32GB @3200 MHz

GPU: MSI Geforce 1070 Gaming X

SSD: Samsung 960 EVO 1TB

Monitors/Resolution: 2 x LG 27UPD 4K monitors
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I couldn't reproduce that. If you bug is confirmed, though, you might consider filing a report here :

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Please be more specific about the exact steps you take to see this. Include a log.txt and possibly screenshots of the issue.
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I  cannot capture with a screenshot - it shows up blank (left screen)


Here are the steps:

Select F4

Select Customize

Select Weapons

<<then I get the screen>>


Here are the relevant log files:

0:01:31.353 D/STM: Transitioning from state state_NormalLoading to state_Normal
0:01:31.353 I/FCG: Loading AI aircraft Aircraft/Laminar Research/McDonnell Douglas F-4/F-4.acf
0:01:31.353 I/ACF: Loading airplane number 1 with Aircraft/Laminar Research/McDonnell Douglas F-4/F-4.acf
0:01:31.384 E/OBJ: Object 'Aircraft/Laminar Research/McDonnell Douglas F-4/Weapons/Aim_7_Sparrow.obj' cannot have emitters because no particle system is specified.
0:01:31.384 I/FLT: Init dat_p1 type:loc_general_area lat:47.456423 lon:-122.666156 ele(ft):36201.261862 psi:167.217026 spd(kts):437.319499
0:01:31.384 I/FCG: Loading AI aircraft Aircraft/Extra Aircraft/B-52G NASA/B-52G NASA.acf
0:01:31.384 I/ACF: Loading airplane number 2 with Aircraft/Extra Aircraft/B-52G NASA/B-52G NASA.acf
0:01:32.199 I/FLT: Init dat_p2 type:loc_general_area lat:47.451000 lon:-123.547196 ele(ft):32903.944051 psi:19.962767 spd(kts):315.175648
0:01:32.199 I/FCG: Loading AI aircraft Aircraft/Extra Aircraft/C-130/C-130.acf
0:01:32.199 I/ACF: Loading airplane number 3 with Aircraft/Extra Aircraft/C-130/C-130.acf
0:01:32.826 I/FLT: Init dat_p3 type:loc_general_area lat:48.054690 lon:-121.518484 ele(ft):13583.885156 psi:282.456146 spd(kts):256.316456
0:01:34.712 I/WIN: Opened window menu bar
0:01:34.712 I/WIN: Opened window Replay overlay
0:01:46.519 I/WIN: Opened window Primary V11 UI
0:02:03.087 E/OBJ: Object 'Aircraft/Laminar Research/McDonnell Douglas F-4/weapons/Aim_7_Sparrow.obj' cannot have emitters because no particle system is specified.
0:03:21.460 D/STM: Transitioning from state state_Normal to state_ShuttingDown


Shut down is only accomplished by Task Manager - XP11 is otherwise unresponsive


Thank you!
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I cannot reproduce this with these steps. There's something else involved. Make sure you do not have any plugins installed. Then try resetting to default preferences by temporarily moving the entire preferences folder to the desktop. You can move it back if it doesn't make a difference.