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Just before runway 25L, there is road in the same direction of the runway, and houses. This should be removed as there are no houses, there is no road (it's barely a track for pedestrians and not even easy by bike) and the whole landing lighting system is missing.

See photo "xp11-bru-1.jpg" and photo "25L-1.jpg".

Just before runway 02, there is a television antenna and a mobile phone relay. This should be removed as there are no such things in that location. An frankly, who put these antennas right in the path of the runway!? Everytime a plane lands there, it crashes with the TV antenna.

See photo "xp11-bru-2.jpg"

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EBBR has not been developed by any scenery artist yet for the "gateway".  You can modify the airport using WED (World Editor and Developer).  If your modified airport meets the strict guidelines of Laminar for inclusion in future updates, you can submit it.  More information can be found here.
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Sorry for what may seem an amateur question but the Brussels Airport scenery is within X-Plane 11 so I thought that could come up with an answer.

I try the tool that your described (WED) but it seems to be obscure, like I need to read tons of informations just to learn how to open a scenery and remove these items. Because right now I see in the manual that we should see the airport in the main window of WED but when I select EBBR, I see nothing.
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Got it, it was made by Aerosoft so I need to Import it...
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Well, it seems that these errors are not in the custom scenery as these antennas are outside of the airport. In the scenery file I only find customisation within the airport. 

I have contacted Aerosoft for more explanations.

BTW, another major airport (Geneva) with a major mistake.

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The approach lights on runway 25L are correctly configured in WED for the aerosoft package (25R and 07R do not seem to be correctly configured according to the satellite images, though). So I do not know why they are not displayed in X-plane. I have already seen that occur in the last release of ELLX by XPFR.

For the road and the antenna, the best you can do so far is add a road exclusion and an object exclusion in the appropriate places thanks to WED and compile the package for your own use only. note that the original package will come back next time you update X-plane. So I strongly advise to make a backup of your correction.

If an airport is in the custom scenery folder (it is the case of EBBR), a correction of the scenery gateway will not be approved. I have already seen such a denial for LOWI.

Finally, I would suggest to file a bug report here :

Do not hesitate to include a link to this topic.


All the best to you,

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Thank you Guillaume but I don't have the time to learn WED and it seems to be very obscure. Unfortunately I will have to wait that somebody fixes the problems of this capital airport. I wanted to make some videos but I can't with the current scenery as they are too much mistakes... and I can't land on 02 without hitting both antennas.


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I understand, editing an airport is a very long work, more than anyone can imagine before actually doing it.
WED is a very pleasant software to use, once you are familiar with it. But it takes some reading and some learning time.
If you take a look at the scenery gateway, you will realise that airports are being updated at an increasing pace. And you will also realise the huge amoung of work that is still required.

Note that there is no wish list for improvement, as this work is done on a voluntary basis. I guess reporting this on the scenery gateway would be more efficient, but do not expect a quick correction though.

Laminar Research, as far as I understood, is more focused on developping WED, the sim and its systems. Which is already a huge amount of work.