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I bought the mac version of X-Plane 10 and I recently bought a Dell Inspiron and I want to know if the mac version will work on my dell.
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I don't think a mac version will work on a PC but I don't see why your licence cannot cover a PC version. If the PC is Windows OS then you would need the Windows installer to install a version of X-Plane for Windows. I am not certain if you could just use your current mac X-Plane version and just have the Windows installer replace files in it, so it will run in a Windows PC.

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A mac version would not install on a Windows PC. Download the installer for Windows, assuming your not using Linux.

Use the license key that came with the mac version to change it from a demo to full version. Someone else here can confirm or not what I say here and maybe add more tips.
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You can use the same product key for your PC and Mac computers. You will need to purchase another license if you run X-Plane on multiple computers at the same time.