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since several versions it is impossible to access aircraft directories

Plane Maker freezes and the system freezes to (20 seconds to obtain task menu after CTRL ALT SUPPR action

the helo was opened in a previous version and kept in preferences


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Does X-Plane crash as well? We have a previously filed complaint from you and it looked like it was a driver issue.

You can also try resetting preferences to default to see if it helps.
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Hello Jennifer.

X-Planes works better.

A driver issue which appears in the last 2 or 3 versions of plane-maker but not in a previous one ?

which driver is involved ?

i bought a new config ... and i ll receive it some day.

i reset all explicit plane maker preferences without a significent result.
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Have you sent the problematic aircraft to us to see if we have the same issue with it?

Try moving the entire aircraft folder out of the X-Plane directory. I think that should force Plane Maker back to the default plane set up so maybe you can get using it again.
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Moving Aircratf directory outside of xplane directory = same result;

Deleting the whole content of output/preference = same result;