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the FMC mine are not able to id any airport(all airport are been id as not in database), such as KJFK OR YSSY, My game just been downloaded from steam
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Hi, Do you have the latest release, 11.01r2? There was an issue in 11.01r1 that is now fixed.
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Are you referring to the Default FMC in the default planes?  (737 and MD80?)
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Yes, it's the latest version, and the plane I used was default being 747-400

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I do not work for Laminar (the X-Plane people) but I have a series of videos posted to youtube which should help you with the FMS.  You can find them here..


If you need any more help, leave me a message in the comments section of Youtube.  Mattt
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I have try the ways on YouTube, but it's not solving the issues, whatever which airport I put in my fmc they all comes up as not in database , and thank you for your help
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I can only suggest that you run the installer again to update and/or add the missing Navdata.