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Ok, Ive checked every setting I could of, verified proper approach speeds with corresponding flap settings. I need some other advice on this issue.  So recently with the last couple updates, including the latest RC 1,  doesn't matter which aircraft I'm flying, IXEG 737-300, Rotate MD80, and default aircraft are ALL affected. Takeoff is fine no problems.  during approach when I slow to proper airspeed and extend slats, a slight roll to the right occurs.  flaps 1 to 5, the roll is gradually worse, with full left aileron deflection and left rudder needed to maintain level flight, flap setting beyond that and aircraft rolls out of control and nosedives into the ground.  flaps and slats retracted, problem goes away. Once on the ground, I notice the aircraft tends to be "blown" around almost like a paper airplane.  So I'm not sure what else to do.... thoughts anyone ??????

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Did you check if you have a flap surface removed because of overspeed?
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Thanks Ice, so I tried a "fix all systems" and doesn't seem to work, that is actually another issue I was having with XP11 not related to this problem, XP crashes to desktop while often when I click the fix all systems icon.  makes me think now maybe I did lose a surface and its stuck in memory somehow, dunno I suppose I will play around with it some more.
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You're welcome smckee718! you can always try to reset your preference folder by moving it away from X-Plane. Or if you don't care losing your configuration you can just delete it. I had some issues that crash the simulator along the beta tests that happened after some updates. For example: "sometimes when I tried to use some joystick buttons it crashes" And the fix was reset the preference folder.

Also I like running the sim as admin. I don't know if that do something special but that's the way I run it. Good luck!
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Problem resolved, you were right on Ice, I was losing flap surface due to overspeed, happening on takeoff,  was not retracting flaps at right airspeed, hence finding out during landing. Thank you again for your help !  And I didn't have to delete my preference folder !