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I Have a pretty decent computer ! An AMD FX-8320 rig overclocked to 4.3GHz an overclocked AMD R9 380 4gb and 16gb of ram ! And i get about 10-9 fps in X-plane 11 demo in very low settings ! Regarding that i can play just cause 3 at max settings with a stable 80-100 fps ! And with p3d i can get about 45-50 fps in the pmdg 737 ngx with active sky 16 and Most ftx global products ! i really don't know what to do ! i want to move to this sim but it simply won't allow me ! Please help me :)

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Hi, can you include your log.txt?
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Where can i find that please ?
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There you go found it ! 
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At least your GPU is regonised by X-plane. X-plane runs better with NVidia than Radeon, but that wouldn't explain such a bad frame rate.

I would start by deleting (or renaming or moving somewhere else as a backup) your "X-Plane 11\Output\preferences" folder. Many bugs have been mysteriously fixed this way.

Then I would follow the settings recommended in that very good video by Q8pilot:

Many bugs can also be fixed thanks to this page, but this is more for reference :

To finish with, I would recommend updating to the latest beta (check the relevant box during the update process thanks to the downloadable X-plane updater, I just hope you can access beta versions in demo mode).

It should soon be 11.02b2.

Let us know what you come up with.
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Done Luckily the updater is working ! It's checking files now ! :) Sadly none of the solutions stated above are working i even updater my gpu drivers still the same thing ! I'll reply when the update ends see i it changes anything !
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it's done it said it's already updated No difference
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Well.. Hope someone else has better ideas (I'm just a normal user).