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I have a macbook pro , early 2013. I had Cox internet but have recently switched to Verizon. X-plane 10 ran fine under Cox but now tells me i must have disabled my ipv6. Verizon doesn't support ipv6 at this time.  Is there a way to run x-plane with only local link ipv6 on my macbook?

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I believe X-Plane requires at least link-local IPv6 connectivity (where link-local can even mean no physical connection to other machines at all, if you are running a Notebook in airplane mode) on ALL operating systems. But I'm surprised to hear you can't run X-Plane simply due to changing internet service providers, as you should be able to run the sim with no internet connection at all. It would warn you a couple times, but should still allow you to fly.
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Thanks.  I'll keep trying different things and let you know.
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Ok, figured it out. Was getting the "  you must have another copy running...make sure your ipv6 isn't disabled..etc".

After checking with my internet provider about ipv6 support (no luck), fiddling with network settings and much research I had reached a dead end.  On a hunch I checked my Norton Internet Security.  Sure enough the history showed every time I attempted to run x-plane 10 or 11(demo) it was blocking the app even though I had previously added them to the allowed list.

Don't know why it is blocking it but, to run x-plane I just turn off application blocking and runs like new.