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Up to yesterday my xplane sim was working ok. Then I downloaded upgrade to 11.02 and since then the throttle has completely failed to work, including that on my yoke, keyboard, and  the cockpit. The cockpit lever just quivers and goes back to where it was. The output levels, both commanded and obeyed, show high levels when at rest but as soon as any attempt is made to raise or lower rpm the readings go immediately to zero. On the configuration window both yoke and pedals work correctly but with the throttle, the green bar appears only about half way across and then stays there. I stress that this problem has only arisen since installation of the upgrade and you did give warning that some problem might arise at an early stage. I apologise for any mistakes in nomenclature.

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You could try and delete (or move for backup) your X-plane 11/output/preferences folder.
Tell us if it works.
If the problem is not solved, please include your X-plane 11/log.txt file.