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I'm a Mac user. I've spent a whole week editing my own home town on WED to share it with the community. Today, I started having problems. Everything seems to be correct. Correct version of X-PLANE, I edit on WED, CORRECT, no problem, I validate, CORRECT, I save CORRECT, I export CORRECT, but when I open X-PLANE, the editing I created on WED does not appear any more. Like I said this is something that started today because I've been able to edit a whole city with no problems whatsoever.

I've checked the scenery_packs.ini and everything's where it should. No idea how to get this sorted. The work is enormous to lose it now. Thanks

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Hi, can you include your scenery_packs.ini and a screenshot of your Custom_scenery folder?

If you want to send a link to your zipped package I can have a look at it.
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And also your log.txt
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There you have everything
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Thank you for your help!!!
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I'll have a look at it today. I meant your ....\X-plane 11\log.txt created after you've launched the sim at your new scenery.
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Hi! Good morning amelingu! Thank you very much.


That's actually the only log.txt inside my X-Plane 11 folder... copied it from inside my X-Plane 11 folder, put it on my desktop and then send it to you, but here it is again, just in case copying it and placing it on my desktop was a mistake...
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On the desktop, you can find the "X-Plane Installer Log.txt". So you must have mixed both after moving the log.txt to your desktop.

I've downloaded your package, so if you prefer, you can remove the link now.

If you allow me, I will reorganise the hierarchy in WED, but you will have to download the background image with WED-O-Maker afterwards. This will allow you to log group of items or make them invisible, so that WED runs smoother. Your scenery is very heavy and it will be easier to manage.

You can create groups in WED by selecting several items and pressing ctrl+G or similar on MAC.

More help on how to use WED here :

I come back to you when I find the problem. I have to install many libraries first.
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Hi amelingu,

Yes, of course, do what you need to do. I appreciate your help very much.

Looking forward to your reply when you've found the problem.

Best and thanks again
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When you release your scenery, don't forget to publish the list of required libraries. This can be easily found with the following tool :
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Is it a real airport in real life? I can't find it.. Do you have a link to afficial charts?
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Sure, I will do that. Thank you.

The airport is ficticious but I was planning to delete it and just keep the whole city to share it. When I deleted the whole airport, saved and exported, went to X-PLANE and there were terminals and aircraft showing still... even though they are gone from the WED project. Not the one you have though... I did that last night after I had sent you the complete project. I was just trying to see if I could delete items, and like I said, some are deleted others won't, but only on X-PLANE, on WED they are correctly deleted.

I am having so many problems that I decided to download X-PLANE as a second copy and copy my entire Custom Scenery in it and redirect WED to that one. Is that a good option?

How could I possible import my whole WED project in a new file so that I don't lose it just in case something goes wrong?
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What I'm really interested in keeping is the city which is real, not the airport. The airport was just a personal thing to get going from the city itself. But I would never share that. I'm reloading X-PLANE and each time I get less and less of what I've done. The default scenery, mountains and ground even looks different to what it is in real life and the way it comes on X-PLANE.

I think the only solution here is to reinstall a second copy of X-PLANE, reinstall WED, import my data from de PUERTO file so that I can keep everything I've done and redirect WED to the new copy of X-PLANE. Does that make sense to you?
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I am having so many problems that I decided to download X-PLANE as a second copy and copy my entire Custom Scenery in it and redirect WED to that one. Is that a good option?

Yes, it's always a good option to develop on a "clean" copy of X-plane.

 I'm reloading X-PLANE and each time I get less and less of what I've done. 

I can't really explain that. I don't understand why it worked before .

Now, let's have a look at every interesting point.

-When you share your work, it's really important to specify clearly what library packs you use, so that people can have the same result as you, and most importantly don't get any error message of missing files. In your case, X-publish helps you make the following list :

THE-FRUIT-STAND Aircraft Library v3.0

 -Naming your scenery folder is very important. A scenery pack containing a DSF file has to be above "Global Scenery" folder in the "Custom Scenery" folder. This is not what triggered your problem, but it's very important :

I chose city so that "Airport_blablabla" has a higher priority. Imagine someone later creates a helipad in your city and names it "Airport_Las_Palmas_De_Gran_Canaria_helistation", everything will be displayed as expected and both sceneries will mix perfectly.

Personnaly, I prefer to have my folders in the correct alphabetic order, and delete scenery_packs.ini every time I install a new scenery package. I've never had any problem this way.

-Previously, your airport ICAO code was GCPU, whish is also the ICAO code of a helistation in the same area, available in the default version of X-plane. This would probably have to be fixed because I don't think it's an official ICAO code. Anyway, when you create a fictional airport, or an airport that has no official ICAO code, choose whatever you want and place an X in front of it. Make sure this code is available. You can make a quick search here :
For your airport, I chose XGCPU, which solves the conflict with GCPU. And your aiport is now displayed correctly :

On this WED screenshot, you can see 2 more things :

-The hierarchy is the one created by WED when you import the apt.dat and all the appropriate DSF files. It's good to get used to this way of sorting items, because it can happen now and then, that you need to delete your XML files and start from the .apt and .dsf import again (from WED file menu).

-I disables "Always Flatten". This might solve the problem you were talking about :

The default scenery, mountains and ground even looks different to what it is in real life 


I would also like to mention that :

-In the City_Puerto version I sent you, I deleted what seemed to be remaining from a former taxi route network. So the "taxi Routes" group is empty.

-Please note that items made invisible in WED (by removing the eye) will not be exported in the scenery pack.

What I'm really interested in keeping is the city which is real, not the airport. The airport was just a personal thing to get going from the city itself.

In WED, create a subgroup of everything you want to delete for sharing. Make this subgroup invisible and export your scenery pack.

Note that you will have to use the following trick. You have to export a runway or a helipad, otherwise WED will not let you export your work. So draw a ridiculous runway just for export and delete the resulting apt.dat. Your scenery pack will only contain DSF files and will be displayed correctly in X-plane.

Any other question, just feel free to ask. forum is also a great source for help.

All the best to you with your project,

Guillaume AMELINE (not affiliated with Laminar Research)

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-To improve the OSM data and the overlay (roads and buildings), you could also be interested in using W2XP.

-To improve the mesh and use satellite textures for the land and the coastline, you could be interested in Ortho4XP.
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WOW thanks ever so much, Amelingu, you saved my life :-D

I'm now gonna start editing again. One more question. You did send a link where I could see how to save my objects in files like what you've done with my project now... can you please resend that link for me to take a look. I started editing again and again objects where outside any created files.
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Hmm.. I'm not sure I understand. Are you talking about X-publish?
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You said... keep everything organized within the project. But I don’t know how when I add a facade for example, how do I put it on Facades on my project?
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I tried to look for information for W2XP but got really confused. I didn't even find a programme for it, just already done sceneries in France and Belgium. Can I use that tool for my project as well?
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I tried reading W2XP or simheaven's webpage and get very confused... Are they libraries? Is it a programme like WED?
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You said... keep everything organized within the project. But I don’t know how when I add a facade for example, how do I put it on Facades on my project? 

When you add an item, it's placed in the hierarchy pane right above the latest selected item. It takes a lot of discipline at the beginning, but once you get used to it, it's actually convenient.

If you want to tidy up your hierarchy pane, you can select several items and drag them wherever you want to put them. If you drop the selection on top of a group, it's going to be placed at the very end of what's already inside that group.

If you want to place all the slected items in a new goup, just select them and press Command+G.

Double-click on an item to rename it.

Well, all it takes is a bit of practice, really.

So the link I sent you is for the online WED manual :

Now, let's say you don't want to bother sorting too many things, WED can do it for you.

-Make sure everything you've already created in WED is visible (nothing hidden with the eye disabled)

-Export your scenery pack from file menu and close WED

-Go to your scenery folder and remove both XML files. I would recommend to keep a backup, at least until you've completed successfully the process.

-Open again your project in WED. you will see an empty map.

-Import apt.dat

-Import all DSF files

-Adjust names and hierarchy a bit, depending on how you like to find your items in the hierarchy pane. For example, in the case of City_Puerto, I put all the imported DSF in the same group and named it DSF.

-Lock the appropriate groups, so that you are less likely to displace things unvoluntarily on the map. Beware, a locked selection can still be displaced on the map with the Marquee tool.

-You're good to save and continue editing.

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I tried reading W2XP or simheaven's webpage and get very confused... Are they libraries? Is it a programme like WED?

For W2XP, this could be a good tutorial to start with, if you want to create overlays from the latest OSM data :

But the overlays already available on Simheaven are most certainly already very good. It takes some careful reading to install W2XP correctly, and Simheaven is the correct website to look at.

Well, we are moving to another topic.

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Thanks again amelingu. Now I am really confused. There is an application for W2XP but the link you sent to me is for PC. No videos for MAC which makes it really difficult for me to understand what it does, but the most incredible thing now is I've checked other videos for W2XP and it just generates cities automatically simply adding the downloadable files into your Custom Scenary folder!!! I mean,,, I've been working on WED on an entire city for nothing when all this is done automatically. Is this correct?
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Well, I would not be so abrupt because your work is very precise, but yes. I think it's worth it to take a look at what's been achieved with W2XP.

WED is not the best tool to work on such a wide area. In my opinion, if you want to have a better result than what already exists on Simheaven, you should rather improve the OSM data (I don't know how to do it though, I Just know it's possible) and learn how to create overlays. Same thing, I don't know precisely how.
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First I would need to know how to configure W2XP on my Mac. All tutorials are for PC and the manual is so vague that it's impossible to get it to work. Also, there's a link on the manual that takes you to a web that no longer exists. Apparently the author closed it down... so Mac users like me need a good tutorial on how to get W2XP to work. Any suggestions?
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Also, is there a way I can mix my project with the Europe_file of W2XP?
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I'm really mad at myself for the waste of time... Thanks for letting me know about all this, Amelingu.
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No reason to be mad, your work is still very good!
I think the recommended overlay for Europe is still W2XP_Europe_mix.
If you follow the instructions to install W2XP (not the program, let's forget about it for now), it will be compatible with you scenery. Maybe you will need more exclusion zones where you want to hide W2XP overlay.
All you have to do is try and check in x-plane what you want the combination to look like.
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If you want to go deeper in W2XP, this must be where you need to start. It seems to run on Mac too:
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I've read every little piece of document there is about W2XPlane in the past 24 hours LOL but the tutorials are good for PC not for MAC.

I do everything correctly but when I open my terminal on MAC and use the commands they tell you to use to open GUI, it just doesn't work


I get this


iMac-de-A:~ tony$ java -jar World2XPlane.jar
Error: Unable to access jarfile World2XPlane.jar
iMac-de-A:~ tony$ java-version
-bash: java-version: command not found
iMac-de-A:~ tony$ java -version
java version "9"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 9+181)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 9+181, mixed mode)
iMac-de-A:~ tony$ java –d64 –Xms4g –Xmx4g -jar World2XPlane.jar
Error: no se ha encontrado o cargado la clase principal –d64
Causado por: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: –d64
iMac-de-A:~ tony$ java -d64 –Xms6g –Xmx6g -jar World2XPlane.jar
Error: no se ha encontrado o cargado la clase principal –Xms6g
Causado por: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: –Xms6g
iMac-de-A:~ tony$
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unfortunately, I have no Mac and I don't even know yet how to create overlays on a PC.
This forum being mainly for X-plane default install, you are more likely to receive help on

One last link that seems to be very interesting :

All the best to you,
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Same to you Guillaume!!! Thanks for everything!
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Hi canario74,

I'm trying to learn how to use W2XP at the moment, and I actually struggled more than I thought.

The only way, for me, to make it work on a PC, windows 8.1, was to uninstall every version (32 and 36 bits) of Java I had (I had version 9.01 like you) and install version 7u79 64 bits.

Found it here, for windows (just for information) :

Now it works as a charm. Hope this can help you, but the problems we had might be related and java being too recent might be the culprit.
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Thanks Guillaume!!! I'll give it a try but I'm nearly done with my project! THANK GOD! :-D
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hi Guillaume! The file is out now and special thanks to you mate. Best
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Hi canario74,

Thank you very much for your credits, it's very nice of you.

I quickly read the comments :
- indeed, its very important to take the time and write down a clear readme file for presentation and instructions
- you shouldn't mention the default libraries in the list of required libraries
- it's always a good idea to include links to libraries
- world-models library always brings problems because there is a confusion between the Simheaven world-models library (used in W2XP) and the current world-models V0.8 you can download on I personally use none of them, just for that reason.
-if you want to create a version for X-plane 10.51, selecting 10.51 as a target in WED is not enough. You also need to develop the scenery directly inside x-plane 10.51 environment.

Congratulations for all the work you've achieved so far, the result is truly amazing and way beyond what's possible with W2XP and the OSM data currently available.

All the best to you.
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Hi again Guillaume,


1. I have a couple of questions people are asking me. The fp drop: is that normal? Is it on all computers? I don’t get any problems flying even the most populated areas...

2. Is there a way to erase all the log issues people get? Is it because I’ve done something wrong??

3. Is there a way to add some objects that are causing problems to CITY_Puerto without the user having to download the libraries? How can I do that?


Thank you in advance again!

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Hi canario74,

1. They mention a 40 to 4 fps drop. I find that very surprising. The only user who included his log.txt has a not very powerful machine that does not follow Laminar Research hardware requirements. So I wouldn't worry too much about that. That being said, one thing is sure, your scene contains a loooot of objects. When reaching that level of details, it can be interesting to have some objects being displayed only for certain levels of graphic settings. This can be done in WED.

2. Your scenery, as published, is only for x-plane 11. So trying to run it with x-plane 10.51 will give errors. To make it 10.51 compatible, it has to be developed inside X-plane 10.51 as I previously said.
The other errors come from world-models library, as I also mentioned before, which brings us to point 3.

3. Yes, and I would strongly advise to do so whith world-models and the other libraries you don't use a lot. X-publish will help you target at them.
To do so, place the library in your custom scenery, remove its library.txt file and modify the path in WED.
X-publish will then help you automatically remove the unused objects and compile a package to be shared.
If you choose to do this, it's very important to have the permission from the library authors, to redistribute them.
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Hi Guillaume! I’ve got yet another problem. With the permission of its developer, I imported the airport for the island I’m developing. At first everything went fine but all of a sudden, I had a crash with Wed and had to rename my airport. I named it Gran Canaria. Now I’m unable to edit any ramp start, as a matter of fact, there seem to be no ramp starts at all on WED and wed even tells me I need to create an airport before I can add one.. when I load X-Plane, everything seems fine and I can edit the airport objects as I like but on  the flight configuration it gives me the options for all the ramps the airport originally had to start a flight which is very annoying if you don’t know the real ones that don’t have static aircrafts on them. I Realize this almost ready to upload the job I've done, but when reviewing everything, I found no RAMP STARTS on WED. I wanted to make sure that no ramp start were where I've put some static aircraft but they seem to be gone. Do you by any chance know how to solve this problem without having to import this guy’s  airport again which would mean I would lose all the job I've done? :-S In fact, if I try to ADD a new ramp start, it says I need to create an airport first! O_O This is really odd... what solution do I have now to retake the airport data from the airport without losing my job and editing?


Could this all happen because I renamed the airport to the actual same name x-plane has for this location?

This was not happening before. I had erased all ramp starts for static aircrafts and only left those that were available. Thanks in advance!