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This page makes no damn sense!!!!  I am so frustrated with your whole damn system, there is nothing user friendly here, on your web site, or your user manual.  I am simply trying to launch X-Plane 10 Global, it should not be this hard.  I have used your directions that come with the DVD's from Sporty's Pilot Shop and they don't work, the Quick Launch Page keeps coming up BUT will not take the airport identifier For whatever reason I can't figure out.  I am ready to throw the whole damn thing in the trash.  I want to know how to launch X-Plane 10, it is as simple as that?
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Your quick start guide for new customers is WRONG and not very good.

Paragraph Launching X-Plane 10 item 2 is not true.  It works fine without that step.

Your explanation on the start guide on Selecting an Aircraft is wrong also.  Step 7 of Selecting an Aircraft says to "Double click on the Cessna_172.acf file (as seen in the image below)" and then it says "In a few moments the screen will go black".  The screen does not go black, in fact it turns light blue with a small block in the lower left of the blue screen.  I expected it to go black as you all said.  I did not notice that the page with the blue screen had  very tiny font that showed what it was doing, i.e. downloading various changes I had requested.  It also had a line showing the progress that looks like nothing more than a line at the bottom that does nothing.  That is what caused my problem because I didn't wait long enough for downloads to occur, SINCE you didn't mention it in the instructions.  You need to correct the blue page with a much bigger font so it is easily noticed and change the update line to make it more obvious.  Also change Step 7 to accurately reflect what happens when you double click the selected acf file.  After I finally noticed how to really download the new aircraft by waiting for the blue screen to finish I am much more satisfied with X-Plane 10 Global program and I am enjoying it.  Thanks,

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To launch X-Plane once it's installed, all you need to do is double click on the X-Plane icon in the folder. If you do not want to deal with the Quick Flight screen at every launch, you can uncheck the box in the bottom right corner.

What identifier are you trying to use? X-Plane only recognizes ICAO codes. You can also search by the full name of the airport (example: KSEA or Seattle Tacoma will both bring up the same airport).