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I have connected one pitch/roll/yaw/switches with a USBAXES-PLUSV2 and a PWRQuadrant 2xPWR 2xProp 2xMix and switches with a BU0836A Interface each on a separate usb.

This works all fine with X-Plane 11.05, but not with the new X-Plane 11.10.

On the later, the power lever in the cockpit moves as long I move the physical lever, but as soon I stop moving the lever, the lever in the cockpit jumps to the middle (value 0.5 Throttle command data). The same with the Mixture and Props.

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Please check for duplicate assignments. If there are, there should be a warning in the joystick settings screen.

For any further help, it will be best to attach the log.txt to a comment, and a screenshot of the joystick settings.
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Thank you.

I have made a totally new installation of the V11.10, now its running correctly.

I will check further on, it must have to do with an earlier installation, evtl. with the Elite-Program?
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I had to delete the files "X-plane.prf" and "X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf" in ...\X-Plane 11\Output\preferences\ .

Then it works again.