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I have already activated X-Plane 11 several times, but from time to time the program again requires activation. There must be a way to record serial number and activation to avoid successive insertions that hinder the use of the program.

After entering the serial number and receiving the activation number, the screen allows the options: "Copy", "Next" or "Back" and none of the options gives continuity to the recording of the activation. My Windows 10 system works fine on all other applications.

If anyone knows the solution, please let me know.

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In 11.10, we got rid of the "random" MAC address picking which is only an issue on Windows, so you should have seen better DRM management with that update.

The only thing that we can NOT take care of (yet) is physically enabling/disabling network adapters, e.g. via a switch for WiFi on laptops or via the device manager. Devices disabled in this manner will not be part of the MAC enumeration and hence the next available one will be picked instead.

X-Plane requires an internet connection to authorize in the background approximately every 2 weeks as well.