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Hi x-plane

Please add a plane that at least brakes the sound barrier. Preferably a modern mach 2 (at least) aircraft.

If thats done i will buy this game

Kind regards

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Hi Mate,

Pretty sure that if you took some time to look you would find that there are mods out there that match your request description.

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That requires a certain amount of trust in the skill of the modder that he is actually capable of faithfully digitizing the plane. Haven't found that modder as of yet.

Besides i feel that the base game should at least give one plane of all types. That way the game engine at least properly supports, in this example, flight at that speed. Currently there is no base game plane that breaks the sound barrier (to my knowledge) so that leads me to believe that it does not realistically support it properly
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What about the SR-71? Ive had that to Mach 3.3 before.
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Is it in the base game? not according to the x-plane website

Like i said i want at least one plane to go faster then sound that's available in the base game without mods
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I wonder about your motivation: Do you want to get faster from A to B, or is it really the technology of supersonic flight?
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Just want to fly at supersonic.

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When selecting a plane, you might need to tick the box "show aircraft from previous versions", in order to be able to see these fast planes.
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Yes you do. But it is in the base game and not a mod so Soul-Reaver will be able to use it.
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You can try the demo with Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird (maximum speed: Mach 3.3). The full version of the simulator will perform exactly the same as the demo - neither better nor worse. You can also read more about X-Plane Aircrafts here.