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Hello there,

I recently got X-Plane 11 and have been trying to use my Vive with it.

I have seen the page that shows how to enable the VR mode, but I am unable to find that.

I have SteamVR running, the Vive plugged into a USB and HDMI port and the checkbox does not appear.

I may be checking in the wrong area but here is where.  Settings>Graphics but I do not see a checkbox.

(Side note) I am able to play other games in VR.  Just not X-Plane

Thank you for reading,


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Hi, you need to run the installer to update and tick the box that says "Beta", this will install 11.2vr1.

You will then see the vr tick box under graphics settings.
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Thank you for your response!  But I should have maybe mentioned this...

I purchased X-Plane on Steam...  I checked the local files but couldn't find an installer.

If you knew how to enable the Beta on Steam that would help a lot!

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Well thank you so much.  I have figured out how to enable the Beta.

Thank you for the response!