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I am using a Gladiator MKII on X-plane 11.20 beta

My Platform is Win 10 Pro 1709 64 bit

I can calibrate the Flightstick and assign the buttons

The Joystickpage ( after calibration ) gives me the red message : "Multiple axes assigned to pitch, roll, yaw. Your controls might not work correctly " (Although  I ignored the axis I am not using in the calibration ! )

So axis are not recognized later in neither  plane , but all assigned buttons are working.

I also installed X-plane on the MAC, and there is no such problem.

Also other programs (eg Prepar3D v4 ) are working perfectly with this stick. So the problem is related to X-plane 11 on the win 10 platform only

Pls advise

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X-Plane believes you have multiple axes assigned to the same assignments. Please go to the joystick settings screen and use the device drop down in the top left corner to look at all devices X-Plane has found and is trying to use. Even if you do not calibrate an axis, if it still has a duplicate assignment it can affect the flight and cause this issue. You will need to set the axis to "none" if you do not want to use it.
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I did set the axis of all other recognised devices to none, and ... it works now with my Gladiator MK II

Thanks a lot for your help !!!