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Hi I have a 180 degree curved wall with 2 projectors mounted above projecting onto the wall and want to use Xplane 11 professional digital download key with all its acclaimed projection bending features  

Does the software in Xplane 11 truly warp both  the projectors with their software. I know the basic software has the ability when using 3 flat TV/monitors to configure forward and side views accurately. However I kneed to know exactly what the extra payment of $750 actually gives me. There seems to be very little examples around of people actually using the bending, edge aligning software etc with multiple projectors.

Cheers Stewart

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Hi Stewart,

I am not with Laminar Research or XForcePC; just a flight simmer.

Have a look at the referenced video links produced by Michael Brown from XForcePC in the USA.  Michael's company is recommended by Laminar Research as the preferred PC supplier for an X-Plane simulator system within the USA

The links are as follows:-





Hope this helps?


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Hi Glenn,

Thanks for the reply. I have seen his videos and they are very informative but tend to be more related to flat screen TV/Monitors. He does have a video with regards to Xplane 10 and the professional software. I have been trying to use Immersive pro but having great difficulties getting it to work in my curved screen set up. have you tried any full screen warping software?