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After the latest updates, my vive only displays the image on one screen. On the initial version with VR everything. Worked fine.

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Have you tried any troubleshooting, like restarting all the apps (X-Plane, Steam, etc) or restarting the entire computer and trying it again?
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I am experiencing the same issues as the original poster. At first the VR option worked fine (despite the poor performance due to my rather ancient graphics card). I have attempted the following as part of my trouble shooting:

-restarting the game

-restarting steam

-restarting the computer

-verifying game cache files and tool files (for SteamVR)

-uninstalling and reinstalling the beta files

-reinstalling the game

-reinstalling steamVR

As of recently I am also getting the following message when I disable VR through the menu: "The device 'HTC Controller' appears to be disconnected" which led me to try

-changing the USB port of the HTC vive controller

I have also confirmed that this is not an issue of the headset by verifying that other games such as "Arizona sunshine" still function. Furthermore, the overlay is rendered for both screens whilst playing X-Plane.

I am using a GTX 770 on Windows 8.1
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Your GPU does not meet Vive's own requirements for VR, nor does it meet X-Plane's. The  first beta allowed rendering one eye at a time so you were able to run. We now only support dual-eye rendering in a single shot for performance reasons, and older cards simply do not support this.

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Thanks for the clarification

Is there any way to revert back to 11.20vr1 while I wait for GPU prices to become somewhat reasonable again?


Can I manually enable the single eye rendering mode in 11.20vr3 at the cost of frame rate?
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VR1 is no longer available on the servers since there have been updates. The only way to get back to that version would be if you had a back up of the install at that point.
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I unfortunately do not have a backup of the game available.

Is rendering on both Vive screens disabled on X-Plane's software side or does the GTX 770 literally not support single shot rendering of both screens (the latter would surprise me considering games like Aerofly FS2, Arizona Sunshine, Assetto Corsa run fine)? In the former case, is there a way to bypass this by modifying some config file? Thank you in advance