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I have assigned collective control to joystick forward-backward axis. This allows me to directly control collective in helicopters.

After update to 10.20vr3 Beta the collective is no longer directly controlled by joystick. It moves slowly in one pace when I push or pull joystick.
What is strange the control is immediate and granular when slider is used. VR is off as I have no VR hardware.

What am I doing wrong and how can I bring back normal joystick behavior?

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There were some changes to joystick code in the VR betas. Please update to the latest and see if that just fixes it. If not, upload a copy of the log.txt and a screenshot of the device's settings. (Use the icon that looks like a landscape picture to attach files.)
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I have the same problem with 11.20beta vr6.
Same very slow collective behavior with any helicopter, my dreamfoil R22 or xplane included helicopter.
Could U help? Thx
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Thank you for your advice. I filled bug report "Collective issues in VR capable beta version".
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You're welcome!

Let me know if you have an answer and if U know when the vr7 is gonna be released to fix it ?

I've tried to disable VR, unplug it, assign colletive to another command. always the same result. It is not flyable!
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Addressed in Beta1 as XPD-9018. Thank you.