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Brand new to X-plane.  My question is in regards to ATC altitude commands during approaches.  I was flying a flight plan I downloaded and filed for a trip from San Diego to Palm Springs, CA.  Upon approach, ATC had me descend to a dangerously low altitude resulting in a crash.  It wasn't a direct flight, since there were fixes established for a low altitude course.  Am I missing something with pairing the ATC with a filed flight plan?


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(I am am not part of Laminar). I don't use X-plane 10 default ATC because it has a lot of bugs such as getting vectored into mountains and so on. However there will be updates in the future that will improve the ATC.

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I have the same problem ( I'm not with Laminar )

Product= X_Plane Version= 11.30

Summary= ATC give wrong IFR Terrain Clearance
Description= Ogden Hinckley (KOGD) – Salt Lake City Intl (KSLC)

I sent a bug report and got an answer from X-Plane:

X-Plane’s ATC is not yet aware of the elevation of the surrounding area. This is on our radar as an improvement to add.

X-Plane ATC is not particularly intelligent. It can never replace the improvising ability or area awareness of real people--it has to be scripted and is only able to handle a limited range of situations. In general we expect you to use your better judgement in situations like this, or for a more realistic ATC experience, try online ATC services.

Jennifer Roberts