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When I latch onto the knobs on the Garmin GNS430 with the motion controllers included with my Samsung Odyssey WMR VR headset, it is very difficult to set the exact frequency or ICAO waypoint in the flight plan.   Any minute twist movement in the controller will change the value before I can release the motion controller trigger button.  QUESTION:  Is there a method of reducing the twist sensitivity for the motion controllers on these types of knobs.  He heading knob is NOT too sensitive.    Also, on the WMR, I do not feel the haptic vibration when the encoder clicks to the next increment.   I believe this is a feature on the Vive and Oculus.  Thank you!

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Theoretically you may be able to edit the vrconfig file for each aircraft to make this change. Here is the file specification document. Note that editing any of these for the default aircraft will cause the installer to try to overwrite them with any later update.

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Your theory worked!!  I found the file vr_default_manips.txt, copied the lines into the vr config file for the GNS530 left and right knobs, then increased the degrees from 5 to 25 for the left knobs and 15 to 35 for the right knobs.  Worked like a charm!!    I'm back to being able to use the GPS!