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Hi everyone, I recently bought x plane 11 for my pc, From playing fsx every day it definitely is a nice change. The only problem I have is when I fly any plane it feels like a fighter jet, with the fact that the controls are so sensitive. I am using an Extreme 3D Pro joystick from Logitech. I've tried messing around with the sensitivity settings but nothing works. If you have anything that could help Please tell me, right now Im basically flying with just trim.



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Hi Flairlite,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Just because your joystick works in FSX or other flight sim packages using the 3rd party software or through your operating system doesn't mean it will work with X-Plane.

You need to null any existing calibration and or configuration through your operating system and completely delete the Logitech software.  

Once done then configure the joystick through the X-Plane software.  If done properly it will work.

Good luck