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I have purchased X-Plane 10 a while back with a "Hasp" Key. Since I have purchased X-Plane 11, is there any way reprogram and insert my XP11 information into the Hasp Key to use with the Sim?

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Hi airman777,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Like you I also have XP10 and the USB dongle that substitutes for disc1 and the disc version of XP11.

I also read into your question that you have ascertained you cannot purchase a USB dongle for XP11.  Laminar Research advised me some time back that a dongle is not available and is not on their current radar to do so.

XP10 is a totally different package to XP11.  Neither software package will interact with the other.  I strongly suggest you do not "stuff around" converting the XP10 USB dongle into a XP11 unit.  Once you do you will not be able to use it with XP10.

What is the alternative?

It has been suggested that I create an ISO disc (USB dongle) from disc 1 of XP11.  The advice given indicates that it will work.  Having found several software packages to make the conversion I have not ventured into the conversion.  I am currently seeking further info about one package.  the link can be found at

I will advise on the outcome through a private message.