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When I open X-Plane 11 my screen goes green and I don't really know what to do.

Could anyone help me?

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Hi iPac_o

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK. I am also a qualified computer technician, but even I would have a lot of trouble answering your question without a lot more detail!

Some questions therefore:-

1. Could you upload a screen shot to this post of the problem you are having, i.e. the "green screen"?

2. Could you confirm the specification of your PC/laptop hardware?

3. Can you confirm that the so called "green screen" only occurs when opening the X-Plane 11 application?

4. What kind of PC to monitor video cable are you using, HDMI or other? Also is this cable securely pushed in at both ends?

If you can think of any other useful information, please advise?

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2. GTX 1050, 8GB RAM, I3

3. Yes, tried restarting it but it's the same thing always.

4. HDMI and the app is only green screen.

Hope that's what you need!


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Hi there

I have looked into this and would advise that I can replicate exactly the same 'green' X-Plane 11 image on my monitor, by altering the Hue settings in the NVIDIA control panel.

If you click on the link below, you will see some instructional PowerPoint slides that I have prepared for you, in order that you may be able to check this out for yourself.

Basically close all applications, then right mouse click the desktop and a new window will open presenting you with a number of options.

Select the NVIDIA control panel option and check all slider settings, but mainly the Hue setting. Try sliding this back and forth to see if it changes the appearance of the X-Plane 11 opening screen?

The only other thing to check (which I doubt is the real underlying factor here) is your X-Plane graphic settings page and further advise how the various sliders have been set for this?

Hope this helps?


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Hello, I tried what you did on the Power Point but it still doesn't work...
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Oh, sorry to hear that, although I'm convinced it is something to do with your hardware, rather than X-Plane itself!

All I can suggest in terms of diagnosis, are the following:-

1. Try another HDMI cable

2. If you have one, try an alternative monitor

3. Download some 3rd party software from CPU User Benchmark and stress test your PC. Click on the following link to access the relevant website:-

4. If all else fails, use the X-Plane Installer application, as this will scan all of your files to see if any are corrupt, missing or in need of update.

Very sorry, but remotely, there isn't much more that I can offer :-(